EcoVision Festival 2008, Palermo, Italy


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International Festival of Environment & Cinema, Palermo , June 5 – 10, 2008

The fourth edition of the " EcoVision Festival 2008 ", international festival of environment and cinema, will take place in the prestigious setting of the Botanical Garden in Palermo (Italy), from 5 to 10 of June 2008, where also in this fourth edition, a parterre will set under the shade of ancient plants and rareness tropical botany.

The EcoVision Festival will see, as is its custom, the attendance of authors of the audiovisual scope, coming from every part of the world, involved in the safeguard of the environment and in the education of the respect of the rules to actualize for a more healthy utilization of the energies and technologies.

During the years, the EcoVision Festival has encouraged a series of relationships and exchanges with the other cultural areas of the world and has received, among the others, the prestigious patronage of the Italian Committee of the UNESCO .

Catalyst and first of all, also this year, the topic of the festival: " the environment ", seen from all its facets. The aim of the festival is to intensify and promote the cinematographic and documentary production having as topics the relationship man-environment, the safeguard of the territory, the human rights, the felling of forests, the relationships with the city and new technologies, the radioactive tests in the several worlds'area, the eco-sustainable development, how the concept of environment in rich countries differs from that belonging to poor countries, but also mere descriptions of meaningful environmental areas, and all the productions concerning any aspect of environment and nature.

Works from any country, realized from 2006 to 2008, can take part in the EcoVision Festival 2008 , having as topic the object of the Festival : the “ environment ”, considered both as natural and cultural environment, with all questions correlated with them.

The Festival will consider as a preferential title, the unpublished films presented.

The EcoVision Festival grew during the years in prestige and national and international interest , so become an important point of reference for: filmmakers, the professionals in the field, the specialized press and the audience sensitized to the environmental and sociological problems of all our planet.

The festival sets itself as a significant and characterizing moment of meeting and comparison for all the Italian and international independent cinema ; its aim is to promote the knowledge and contribute to the diffusion of films made from directors who express themes and subjects with new emerging sensibilities and, in the meantime, they represent innovative moments of authentic linguistic, formal and artistic pursuit.

Different languages in comparison, with common thematics such as war, death, generational relationship, love, inconvenience.

The EcoVision Festival will offer to the audience, the opportunity to compare itself with a different features but, in some way, near our own sensibilities, giving birth to that magic that always confers to the cinematographic image both the capability to condense a common sense and to get discover unknown lands.

The evidence of the interest about the festival, is the number of the countries that have participated, sending works of fiction and documentary from every part of the world, from the United Arab Emirates to Polynesia, from Chile to India beyond 75 countries of the world every years.

The EcoVision Festival , place itself as an annual appointment of cultural debate and meeting, in order to be confronted on the good rules to follow for the safeguard and the development of the environment and on the importance of the cinematographic and multimedia communication.

The thematics of the festival will be four: Environmental, Sociological, Ecotourist and Panorama (that's includes the screening of works concerning any subject). The thematic face up doesn't take in consideration only the film product regarding the nature, but the concept regarding man-environment, with all the problematic that are connect between them.

The program will schedule two parallel sections: Short Film Section (no more than 30 minutes) and Special Section (over 30 minutes); both the sections, in their turn, will be divided in 3 genres: Fiction , Documentary and Animation .

The International Jury, composed by journalists, crtitics and personalities of the artistic, scientific, cultural and cinematographic world will award the “ Great Prize EcoVision Festival 2008 ” to the most meritorious film in the ideation, the realization, the educational values and the content.

The “ Fondazione Banco di Sicilia ”, in the 2007 edition, awarded the “ Great Prize Fondazione Banco di Sicilia EcoVision Festival 2007 ” to the Greek director Yorgos Avgeropoulos and his film “Delta, Oil's Dirty Business”, offering to him a cash prize of € 20.000,00 that the director is investing for his last production that will have as location the Antarctic. This new work couldn't be realized without the prize awarded to him, given the highest expenses of production.

Briefly, the “ Great Prize EcoVision Festival 2008 ” has a considerable significance for the independent cinema, since the filmmakers must often produce themselves; in addition, the Jury will award other three Cash Prizes for the Films judged meritorious .

Festival staff will offer hospitality to one representative of the selected film (director, producer or main character): for two days if resident in Italy, for three days if resident in one of the European Union countries, for four days if resident in a non-European Union country; moreover the Festival Committee will participate in part to the travelling and transfer expenses of the participants.




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